Turn your digital footprint into a self-writing journal

Eternalist is a web app for people who are afraid to forget the intricate details of their lives. It acts like a personal biographer, pulling in data from apps that you already use and assembling that data into your own private timeline of memories.
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Hey Aaron! This looks really interesting and something I'd definitely consider using because I'm obsessed with tracking my days looking back on my photos and Google location data! 🙌 How does it work with the sourcing of all of the content? Say, are photos from Google Photos etc. still hosted on those sites, or are they imported to Eternalist?
Hi @calum! Yes, thanks for asking about that. I should have mentioned more about how we actually store stuff! At the moment, we just store the information that each of the APIs returns. That means for photos and videos we keep a copy of the url that the API returns and are NOT keeping a copies of the actual media in our database. The data is also transport encrypted. 🔒 As a side note, google photos is a special case because they change the base url every hour. To reduce our API calls and avoid hitting the limit, we fetch new data once when you first sign up and once a day after that. We only get the up-to-date base urls when you request certain photos (ie when you look at your timeline). We'd actually love more feedback on this! It seems like users prefer that we store their data this way, but in the future, we may have to start storing photos to offset storage costs and or to avoid API limits. What do you think? We're really open-minded to different ways to do this!
Looks good!
Absolutely love it. There’s really nothing else like it out there. Can’t wait to see what features are coming down the road. I vote for some kind if map visualization!
@tim_connors Thanks Tim! We're definitely working on getting geolocation data in here. A map viz would be cool too! I'm thinking sort of like google timeline
This is awesome Aaron! I've been thinking about trying to make something exactly like this for a while, but now I don't have to ;) My main feedback so far is: - Security and privacy are super important to me, and I'd appreciate more assurances on the landing page or during the onboarding flow that my data will be kept secure and private. - More integrations! The integrations you have so far are awesome and I'm looking forward to having more. - Calendars. I'd especially like a more flexible Calendar integration. If you can make it use iCal/CalDAV links rather than a Google Calendar login, it will work with any modern calendar product (including Google Calendar). That will make non-Google Calendar users like myself very happy. - Music. I'd really like a integration as an alternative to Spotify. I listen on a bunch of different platforms, including Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube. is an awesome way for me to have a centralized and complete listening history that is not platform-specific. Being able to integrate my account with Eternalist would provide a much more complete picture of my listening history. - Podcasts. I'd also like to have a record of Podcasts I've listened to in something like this. Calendars and music both have platform agnostic options (like iCal/CalDAV and but unfortunately I'm not aware of anything like that for podcasts since it's just RSS feeds and each podcast browser/player has their own way of handling things. - Movies. I love using Letterboxd to track the movies that I watch and it would be great to have that history included in Eternalist. ( Thanks for making this!
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@jamesontheline Hi James, thank so much for such great feedback and suggestions for integrations. We'll definitely add these to the top of the list. I too wish that there was a better solution for podcasts. I even tried listening to podcasts inside Spotify to have them show up in my timeline, but the Spotify API excludes podcast listens in the recently played endpoint 😢 Many people have mentioned that they would like more communication about the security, so before our next big release, we'll definitely update the landing page. I'd also love to chat more with you about what we're planing to do to keep users' data safe (We're planning an entire overhaul of the backend/database system). In the mean time, you can reference some of the answers that I gave to above questions or check out the legal stuff in our terms of service ( and privacy policy (
👋Hello Product Hunters! My name is Aaron and I’m super excited to finally launch Eternalist on Product Hunt! I just graduated and am currently putting off finding a job in order to work on this product as a part of the Startup UCLA accelerator 2019 batch. We started working on this problem because we were disturbed by how much of our lives we simply forget. If you don't think this is a problem, try to think back 3 days ago. Can you remember what you did on that day? Who you met? What you ate? I certainly can't, and this scares me. I tried to think back over each day of the last year, and about 95% of my year was just completely gone to me. I was only able to recall the superficially memorable events like trips, which means that I lost almost all of the mundane but meaningful memories—like the night I played video games with my best buds till 3 in the morning. Traditionally, people use journals or scrapbooks to remember their lives, but those both take an incredible amount of time to maintain. Hats off to people who can do it, but most of us are mere mortals. We created eternalist to make sure that everyone—even super busy people—have a way to take a step back and appreciate all that they've seen, done, and experienced in their lives. Thanks for checking out what we're working on! Happy building 😊and have a great weekend! __________________________________ Any feedback would be appreciated! We would especially like to know what you think about the layout of the data. We know that we need to improve it, but we're not sure what's not working about it now. 🍻