Create your own fitness app without coding

EsyFit is a ready-to-use mobile app which includes features such as workout routines, voice over, calories counters synced with Apple Health or Fitbit.

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I love the idea of democratizing app creation for contractors through templates like Weebly and Wix do for websites. However the price point is very high for fitness instructors. That is not a demographic that typically has $1,000-3,000 to risk.
Thanks @xanderschultz Purchasing EsyFit is a one time payment to own the source code for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch as well as receiving Unlimited Free Update, new features, Unlimited License, and new supported devices like tvOS and Android in the upcoming versions.
@ziad_tamim I understand, but (and maybe I'm wrong) the people you want to make that purchase don't have that money. You're better off lowering the bar to entry and sharing rev for in-app purchases IMHO. Best of luck!!
@xanderschultz Appreciate the feedback!!
Thanks for hunting us, @robjama! We're excited to launch our new product EzyFit on Product Hunt. Our goal is to help Fitness instructors work better and launch their own Fitness Mobile App. Let us know your thoughts!
Looks great to me. If I would have been a personal trainer I would immediately use your product. I will recommend the product to friends who are! I agree with Alexander, start-up costs might be a bit high. Have you considered different business model? As a subscription model for instance?
@hilbert Thanks! We have updated our prices.
@ziad_tamim You are fast! Impressive!
Thanks for your feedback guys!! We have updated our prices to a subscription based model to make EzyFit affordable to every Personal Instructor. Check the new prices on
Curious as to what type of market research you did to come up with that pricing? Both your original one time fixed cost and new subscription based model.
@alwynsays Thanks for your interest. We've had already the subscription based mode setup using the feedback of our previous product FitYo. Switching was related to what our clients are preferring.
@ziad_tamim Cool, thanks for sharing!