The quoting app. A free cross-platform app that leads you through the deep and entangled forest of app development costs.

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Hey everyone, We've just re-launched a free cross-platform app that leads you through the deep and entangled forest of app development costs. How much does it cost to make an app? Web or mobile? I don't know. What should it do? Does it have maps? Do you need it urgently? I run a software development studio and making estimates is a part of my usual routine. Clients are always keen to hear a ballpark figure. And they want it _now_. With Estimapp you can give them that number in less than 30 sec. We have built on top of the Estimapp app, completely reworked the flow, added urgency, complexity and timeframe options and extra features such as 'Branding', 'Mailing lists'. The app produces a detailed shareable quote the features, hours, timeframe and even taxes. (See the example in attachment.) Estimapp can be useful for: - sales people, giving them super quick ballpark figures on the spot. - devs, making their quotes better. - clients to understand the range and the overall pricing structure. Feel free to try Estimapp and share what you think of it. Was it helpful? How can we make it better?
@stas_kulesh Hey Stas. When you say cross platform you mean iOS / Android, right? No web version?
@maratryndin web version is available at Ta
@stas_kulesh I just tried the app haha I see what you did there Stas, it's surprisingly pretty well done from an experience perspective, I don't agree with some of your estimations ( been a product designer for 10 years I've seen too many people, including clients blow too much money to #1 answer very very basic questions). Also run my own app development studio, I'd love to see a similar app from you guys aimed at MVP stage development and not version 1 development.
@nicholassheriff I could add an extra step after the initial selection: MVP, V1, Something unique and beautiful — will that work for you?
@stas_kulesh all I can see there is a link to the mobile apps.
Is your app a Hybrid App? I'm asking because I also see Web Version of the App available
@baidoct Estimapp is Ionic-based, yes.
Awesome work mate, bookmarking this!
A couple new feature requests 1. Transition costs - any costs to transition the project from 3rd party to an in-house development team. 2. Estimated cost of ongoing maintenance/bug fixes for the app. 3. Estimated cost for new enhancements to the app. 4. Total cost of ownership over 3-5 years.
@morrjobs I like that Michael, though a transition to an in-house development team is very dependent on quality of the code, documentation, etc but I think we can introduce something like a code quality grading and options like documentation, code last updated, etc. something to think about in the next couple of month, thanks for your feedback.
Any plans to add the feature to change currency?
@mariuskildedal could be a nice addition to the preferences, spot on! Will have a look on Monday!