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Technically you'll need to grab the source code to make your own resume bot, but @esthercrawford's bot is a neat model for the kind of personal agents I expect to become popular with the rise of messaging platforms! Coming in version 2: your resume bot goes out finding jobs for you and negotiates with HR bots to setup interviews! :)
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@chrismessina Thanks Chris! I figure bots will soon be part of the recruitment process because they can: 1. answer recurring questions 2. provide more context for line items on a resume 3. give a sense of someone’s values and personality (to test out the cultural fit piece) Here's a more detailed explanation of my process (and how to build your own, in ~30mins!): https://medium.com/life-learning... And yes... v2 would need to go from a scripted bot to an agent-assisted or AI version in order to negotiate with HR! ;) Esther
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@esthercrawford @chrismessina A recruiting bot is an idea that's been kicking around for quite some time here @smoochlabs. Lots of things to improve in the usual job application process and a bot should be able to do most of it.
@kvgauthier I know of at least one team working on the recruitment angle (@wadeandwendy). Although I haven't seen it in action myself I heard great things about it from @johnfrankel.
@chrismessina when can we remove humans from the chat platforms altogether and just have the bots talk to each other???
@chrismessina Is version 2 out yet?
Hey PH! :) I wanted to experiment with seeing what it'd be like to have a personal bot interact with people on my behalf. What would that feel like? How fun or awkward would it be? I turned my resume into a scripted bot using SmoochBot (previously on PH). cc @gozmike @smoochlabs I detailed the process of trying different bot builders and also provide instructions for making your own (no coding required!): https://medium.com/life-learning... Hope you like it! Happy to respond to your feedback. Esther
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I hung out with @esthercrawford in SF last week and was blown away from the early EstherBot she demoed to me, so excited that you all get to play with this. There are some powerful ideas here around sharing one's personal identity with a software agent. Where does the self end? As software becomes more intelligent, does the software we build become an extension of ourself? In this case it certainly does - because there is one hidden feature that Esther hasn't mentioned yet. Since EstherBot is built on Smooch.io, she's able to not only have EstherBot read/respond to messages sent by all of you - she's also able to synchronize these messages to software she can use to track and manage conversations (Slack in her case). This means that you can never really be sure if you're talking to the robotic Esther 🤖 or to the human Esther 💪 !
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@esthercrawford I just chatted with your bot, and what I liked SO MUCH is how genuine you were. Your personal story was so interesting and really brave of you to share. Plus it leads well into your career. I feel like your bot really distinguishes itself because by the end of the chat I felt like I actually got to know you.
Just added this to my Hack your job search collection 🤓 https://www.producthunt.com/@gab...
Freaking awesome 👌 do you have a monthly cost or is it all on Free tiers/plans ?
@jpvalery I'm on the free Smooch plan (up to 10k actives a month) and paid a minimal amount for a Twilio phone number ($1 number fee and $20 worth of sms - which gets me ~2700 messages). So the total investment was $21 to unleash the bot.
Uh oh. Estherbot is down with a 503 error