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Estated provides the most sophisticated online property data solutions. We make real estate simple by offering a suite of products for both small and large businesses – powered by one of the largest property databases online.

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Thanks @angeloe and PH for hunting Estated! We believe public property and real estate data should be transparent and accessible to companies of all sizes. Demolishing the barriers that hold and monetize this data will allow innovators, big and small, to start answering the most important questions surrounding one of the world’s largest asset classes. The first product we developed was a “Carfax for Homes,” which over 50,000 home buyers, sellers, and investors used for research every month. Now, our main focus is to provide instant access to in-depth property data for software builders, real estate investors, and insurance underwriters. You can check out the data we supply at Normalizing public data has been a herculean task (it’s ok, we are crazy enough to do it for you) and I’m proud to say we’ve made it pretty darn far. Here are a few data points: 150M+ parcels with 135M+ properties in the U.S. 3150 counties which store data at 1-5 different sources 20B+ possible property data fields across the U.S. Thousands of hours to aggregate, normalize, and standardize data I am a first-time founder and wouldn’t be here without the incredible team that initially built Data Nerds which is now Estated. I love real estate, whether it’s a studio apartment, to a mansion in Beverly Hills, an office tower in NYC, or just a plot of land in Ohio, I’ve always wanted to know more! If you have any more questions or want to ping me, email or tweet @joshppc, I’d love to connect with anyone we can add value to 😃
@joshppc Hi Josh! Super interesting product. I'm working in a new proptech lab in London and working on a related area on a new finance / data project in Europe. It'd be really useful to connect with you and your team on what you're working on here.
@stef is the best place to book a time to discuss!
Estated are dedicated to aggregating, digitizing and standardizing property data, and presenting it to consumers through their API and various products.
@angeloe Thanks for hunting Angelo! I really appreciate it.
A pleasure @joshppc and glad to have found Estated 😃

While this is probably the most convenient estate data api I've seen so far, it's really sad to see that it only covers the US.


Clean Api with a lot of detailed data.


US Only

Thanks for the feedback Marvin! As you can imagine, aggregating, digitizing and standardizing 135 million properties across a country the size of the United States has been a massive undertaking. We're working on being the best possible solution for the market we serve, at which point we can look to move into new regions. Send me an email, let's talk about it 😄
Would be cool if they had some examples of data responses to give people an idea of what is possible with the API
@nikk_wong Hi Nikk, thanks so much!! Take a look at the API demo feature, which does exactly that:

Connect member so supporting a fellow brother !


Great app



Spoke to Josh a couple of times last year... I know the company continues to iterate to find PMF so just checking in on "Estated". Josh, who is your ideal customer? What is the net value for them? How quickly and at what minimal cost to build trust an each stakeholder/persona experience value they have never experienced from alternatives like Home Junction (just to name one).
Thanks Daniel, appreciate it.