This free Essentials Icon Pack has 140 icons that cover all of the basics for your UI icon needs. The bundle works with nearly any aesthetic, and it comes in two flavors — UI icons for any application, and business icons for X2B applications.

Available in Studio, Sketch, Illustrator, PNG, SVG, and EPS. Grab it here.

Hey Product Hunt! We’re excited to share a new icon pack for InVision Studio + 5 other formats. It’s called Essentials, and it has 140 icons for UI and business, including: - Navigation - Recording - Alerts - Calendar - Briefcase - Financial actions (yes, even Bitcoin) - And lots more... Can’t wait to see what you create with this one! What do you think? Get Essentials for free.
@clarkvalberg The best just keeps getting better!
@clarkvalberg sorry to be annoying here, but could you please clarify the licensing agreement? It states that the icons can only be used locally and for internal use. They can't be modified, or even used as a foundation to make your own icons. Even analyzing them as a source of inspiration is not allowed. Use in any project requires a written consent by InVision. That means I can't really use the icons in any meaningful way. This might just be general legal lingo, but it's still included with the downloadable zip file. Any chance you could comment on how you guys (and gals) see these icons be used? Did I misread things? Thank you.
@clarkvalberg @gbks Hey Christoph! Thanks for pointing that out. We realized that we haven’t revised our licensing agreement in a while, and we’re currently working with our legal team to do so quickly so that it encourages people to use this, and all our design resources, more freely. I'll update here when that's complete. Seriously appreciate you letting us know.
@clarkvalberg @krispuckett awesome, great to hear. I'm looking forward to see what you'll come up with.
good job! happy to discover chinese 元 is inside the essential pack!
Great job!! 😊 Always wanted this !! 😊