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#2 Product of the DayApril 03, 2016
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Seems like a mobile-first attempt at Slack for friends: "Create Spaces for conversations on any project, hobby or group in your life. Invite people to each Space so everyone stays in sync." Curiously I discovered this via an ad on Instagram (yes, I tapped on an Instagram ad!).
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@chrismessina i download it but didnt get the verification code
@chrismessina That's how I discovered this app a while ago, too! The design drew me in. Guess ads do work.
@chrismessina "Curiously I discovered this via an ad on Instagram" < IG Ad campaign performance not too shabby then; a Chris Messina post and top of PH!
@chrismessina App Install ads work :)
I'm still not sure why this is better than iMessage, Facebook or WhatsApp group chats?
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@robbyedesign agree. As far as I understood, you can do everything that Espresso Chat do in some other messengers like Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp and you don't need additional app and account.
@suholet And literally the entire world has Facebook so that makes life to much easier. Imagine how hard it would be to get everyone to download an app. Plus with no desktop/browser app you can never use you computer. I feel someone should try and solve this in a better way!
@robbyedesign This app has some unique features not had by some of these other platforms (AFAIK). Plus, being a productivity app kinda helps separate work and play (like Slack); I personally don't like having conversations that even resemble productivity on Facebook Messenger. Also it's pretty beautiful!
@robbyedesign the biggest feature this seems to have is highlighting messages -- the equivalent of starring in Slack. It also has a confusing nested design with rooms + channels, kind of like a bunch of Slack instances + channels all in the same app.
The app is a 90MB download. why?
Yes, Slack for friends is what it is. Looks great, but chat is a crowded market already.
Looks great, but sadly no Android support
@icco stay tuned!