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EquityMultiple is a platform that connects individual investors with pre-vetted, institutional real estate investments at low minimums. Founded in 2015, the company has financed over 35 deals across the country, totaling more than $400M in total capitalization.

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I invest using Fundrise. How is the different?
@golear Looks like a big differentiation is minimum investment amount. The one investment I found on their website has min investment of $10k. https://app.equitymultiple.com/i...
@golear good question. Fundrise basically operates under a 'REIT' model: a blind trust, pooling assets across the country. EquityMultiple offers investments in distinct commercial real estate projects, allowing investors to evaluate investments on an individual basis and choose the ones that best fit their portfolio. EquityMultiple offers fixed-rate senior debt and preferred equity investments and more opportunistic, longer-term equity investments; in other words, a range of risk/return profiles to facilitate diversification.