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Luna Malbroux
Chief Equality Officer, EquiTable
Welcome to Equality- 2.0. This app uses a complex algorithm, Affirmative Fractions, to split your dinner bills. Our built in diversity tracker also lets you see how down you are! Are you really about ending the wage gap? Cheque your privilege. Hate equity? There's something for you too! Protest the app within the app.
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Elise RamsayHead of Community @ Eyegroove
This app won Comedy Hack Day SF earlier this year, and the demo totally blew me away. It splits your dinner bill based on data from the US Department of Labor--so, REALLY fairly, based on how much you make. You make a simple race and gender profile, and it takes into account how many cents on the dollar you actually earn. As TechCrunch noted, "If someone in the group isn’t down with the cost breakdown, the app makes it possible to protest from a range of pre-populated excuses like, “I’m conventionally unattractive,” “I was a middle child,” “I’m aware of my privilege,” “I spent $400 on improv classes” and “this isn’t an issue anymore.”" http://techcrunch.com/2016/02/20... Usually this would make for just a hilarious video (that too), but they actually MADE THIS app, and it's great!
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Harry Raymond
Product guy, Product Hunt NYC
Affirmative fractions. Funny stuff.
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Sam Doshi
Co Founder @ Relayo.com
solves a huge problem
⚡VC @ Charge | 🦊Writer @ The Generalist
Hilarious and awesome.