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UI kits, icons, templates, mockups and more, free

Epic Pxls is the website that we use to share amazing design resources free and premium made by us and from other creators. We offer a competitive marketplace that gives a lot of features for promoting your products also.

New items are added daily and picked by us.

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Hi guys, We made EpicPxls.com to share our free resources with the design community. We do that 3 times a week and share themes, UI kits, icons, illustrations and much more that we do here at EpicCoders. If you enjoy our work and have any suggestions that you might like to see on our website let us know. We also create premium elements that we sell on CreativeMarket and other markets out there. We create these by analysing what you guys like on epicpxls. We really appreciate your feedback. Thanks, EpicCoders Team
@chocksy great product, i love this design ... One Problem: I tried to visit your website (EpicCoders.co), but it's Offline :(
@marcogurnari Hi there. Yes we do know our website is marked as under maintenance. We had one but design we had was not that great so we decided to put it down until the new one is made. :) Thanks for your interest.
Awesome - really nice icon kits
Great product, I was already a follower. It's like unsplash but for icons
@caroso1222 Hello Carlos, feels good hearing words like that!
Great resource
You have some awesome stuff on there. Nice, clean design too. Thanks :0