Eora 3D

High-precision 3D scanning on your smartphone

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Hi I'm Rahul, one of the co-founders of eora 3D. At eora 3D, my team and I wanted to make high-precision 3D Scanning affordable. We needed a high-precision 3D Scanner ourselves just over a year ago and we were shocked that 3D Scanners cost $1000's. So we just used our phones and built one that is just as accurate but much cheaper. We are live on Kickstarter. Myself and Richard will be here all day to answer any questions or comments you may have.
@rahhul Wow. That's awesome. What was the thing you needed to do that motivated you to build this?
@jfilcik Hi Joe, we were building a Concentrated PV system that tracked the Sun in a previous startup. We had a prototype parabolic dish spun in Singapore and when it was being tested we were not receiving the results we expected. This meant one of two things, either our tracking algorithm was wrong or the parabolic dish was not perfectly spun, and the only way to measure this surface is with a 3D scanner. We went to a local expo and the only scanner available to produce those results cost $15,000 - so we set out to build our own.
The guys demoed this Eora 3D at Product Hunt Sydney meetup and it was nothing short of amazing. A great companion to the world of 3D printing is 3D scanning. Love the chrome design; already surpassed their target on KS soon after launch. Also comes with a bluetooth synced turn table. Pretty sweet hey!
@elbahnasy Thanks for posting us on PH Iz :)
I wish I had an excuse to scan objects into 3D meshes because this is really, really cool. Fantastic use of existing technology to make it within reach of more consumers. Great job.
Super amazing technology right here! And I like it even more because you used an Ezio statue.
@kevinayuque ๐Ÿ˜„ thanks Kevin!
Great project, even let you publish your 3D scans to Sketchfab, here is an example: https://sketchfab.com/models/f6b...
@albn thanks for sharing Alban