Protect api keys and credentials. Keep config in sync.


Secure, human-friendly, cross-platform secrets and config. EnvKey helps your team stop sharing API keys and other secrets over Slack and email, and makes it easy to keep the whole team and all your servers in sync automatically. Store config securely in an end-to-end encrypted desktop app, then integrate your apps with a line or two of code.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

I've been using EnvKey in production for over a month and find it indispensable. It's completely solved the nagging problem of devs of my team adding or altering ENV vars in our 4+ Ruby apps without alerting the rest of the team, leading to inevitable false app starts or bad deploys. It's also simply a cleaner and more secure way of storing this data and editing on the fly.


Truly makes managing environment variables a painless process. Very easy integration.


Looking forward to an offline mode/cache mode, which I believe is already in the product pipeline.

Thanks for the review David! I'm so glad to know that it's working well for you. Fyi, the EnvKey libraries do cache encrypted config (in development) in the latest version, so you can keep working offline without missing a beat.

It seems that a ton of thought has been put into security so that it is usable on the server. I also like the ruby, node, and command line libraries which are easily installable. The api key interface feels fairly intuitive.


When I add or change an API key, I don't have to tell anybody on my team. No more ENV var bugs saves my team lots of frustrating debugging.


It's not really well known right now so I have to convince my team to use it.

Good to see innovation in this space, it's a tough problem to improve on.


The UX is really clean and simple, which I appreciate. Using it doesn't feel like a super involved process.


More integrations would be useful, though they're in the pipeline and the Docker integration kind of already creates tons of flexibility.