Protect api keys and credentials. Keep config in sync.

Secure, human-friendly, cross-platform secrets and config. EnvKey helps your team stop sharing API keys and other secrets over Slack and email, and makes it easy to keep the whole team and all your servers in sync automatically. Store config securely in an end-to-end encrypted desktop app, then integrate your apps with a line or two of code.

  • David DeParolesa
    David DeParolesaHead of Product at Give Lively

    Truly makes managing environment variables a painless process. Very easy integration.


    Looking forward to an offline mode/cache mode, which I believe is already in the product pipeline.

    I've been using EnvKey in production for over a month and find it indispensable. It's completely solved the nagging problem of devs of my team adding or altering ENV vars in our 4+ Ruby apps without alerting the rest of the team, leading to inevitable false app starts or bad deploys. It's also simply a cleaner and more secure way of storing this data and editing on the fly.

    David DeParolesa has used this product for one month.
  • Lennon Rubin
    Lennon RubinSolopreneur Business Coach

    When I add or change an API key, I don't have to tell anybody on my team. No more ENV var bugs saves my team lots of frustrating debugging.


    It's not really well known right now so I have to convince my team to use it.

    It seems that a ton of thought has been put into security so that it is usable on the server. I also like the ruby, node, and command line libraries which are easily installable. The api key interface feels fairly intuitive.

    Lennon Rubin has used this product for one week.
Managing access tokens, security keys is quite tedious process. Most people don't think about that early enough. EnvKey provides and easy to used tools to manage those.
Hey Hunters, I built EnvKey to address poor security and ops practices around secrets management that I've seen again and again in my career as a developer. Currently, many teams are managing API keys and other sensitive config via insecure tools like email, Slack, Google Docs, etc. This can lead to serious vulnerabilities, and tends to be error-prone and messy. EnvKey solves this problem without getting in the way. In addition to improving security, it makes it painless to keep team members and servers in sync, which prevents bugs and saves time. It doesn’t require any complex integration like some other tools that tackle this problem, and it has a user-friendly UI. A developer can get up and running in a few minutes. I'd love to hear your thoughts!