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An initiative to empower visually impaired people in need

Envision is a tool that enables visually impaired people to access visual information around them independently. With Envision, they can read documents, street signs, recognise their friends/belongings and much more. Envision Sponsorship is a way to ensure this tool can empower every visually impaired user with a need but without the means.

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Hi Product Hunt, I am the co-founder of Envision, a tool that enables visually impaired people to live independently. We do this by intelligently extracting information from images user's capture of their surrounding and providing it to them as a meaningful audio output. We have been working with visually impaired users for over a year to iteratively build a tool that truly fits their needs and their lifestyle. As a result, we have gained hundreds of subscribers for the service in just a few quick months. However, there still exists a large section of visually impaired users for whom the subscription cost of $5 is just too high, because of economic circumstances beyond their control. Over the months we have met several individuals who expressed high enthusiasm to support our cause but didn't really have a channel to do it. Envision Sponsorship is that channel. It is a way for people all across the world to make a direct impact to the life of a visually impaired user, not by giving them a handout, but by giving them tools with which they can empower themselves. Like the old saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime.” Envision, is the fishing rod in this equation. We have seen first hand the effect a tool that can provide people independence has on their overall productivity and well-being. We are still in very early stages of this, so would be really happy to hear your thoughts/feedback on the same.
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I have been in touch with the development of this product for quite sometime now. Really admire the importance given to user experience right from the start. Great job Envision!


Designed through high user participation and importance given to user experience


Not on android yet

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