Envision Glasses

AI-powered smartglasses for the blind and visually impaired

The Envision Glasses are a combination of the Google Glass 2 and Envision's award-winning AI-technology. The technology, currently available as an app on iOS and Android, already enables thousands of users to independently access the world around them.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
As a user of the Envision AI app, I'm very happy to see the glasses coming out and I'm personally hoping that many app developers will use them as a plattform. Especially I think of Be My Eyes, Aira but also many other assistive apps out there. The glasses can be a real benefit and the best thing is you can try out the Envision app and you will know what you'll get on the glasses. Ben from Germany.
@benjamin_hofer Thanks a lot! Yes, that's one of the unique things that we are doing as well, that in addition to offering all functions of our app, we are opening it up as a platform for other app developers. So they can also jump in and offer their complimentary service on Envision Glasses. Hopefully we will have more good news to announce on that end soon!
Hi PH 👋, Super excited to finally launch our product on here, especially on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Two years ago, we launched the Envision App that spoke out the visual world for the blind and visually impaired. It has been empowering thousands of blind and visually impaired users all over the world to perform their daily tasks independently. One request that our users constantly had was to create a way for them to use Envision's features in a more hands-free and unobtrusive way, especially outdoors and while holding a white cane or a dog in one hand already. Thus, we started experimenting with porting our software and knowledge on existing smartglasses. After testing several options, we finally partnered with Google and got access to their newly launched Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its physical embodiment and software support met our user’s needs in the best way possible. The pilot tests thus far have been great and we cannot wait to get this in the hands of everyone asap! We are still a small team, so do help us spread the word about it! Our team will be here in the comments and happy to answer any questions you all might have! Cheers, Karthik from Envision P.S. There is a special 10% discount for hunters. Use the code 'GAAD10' at checkout 🤗 P.P.S. If this product is not for you but you would still like to show support to our team, you can buy a limited edition t-Shirt or buy us a coffee too! ☕️
A first of its kind product for the Visually impaired. Hoping the best for the product and the team
This can really become the next big thing in accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision. I am fully blind and have tested these glasses out and would definitely recommend them!
Thanks Jesse, really excited to launch this to everyone soon!