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Hi all! I'm a co-founder of elevio, the company behind envisage. We created envisage to allow site owners and the support team add contextual tips on their site with a just a few clicks, since let's face it, getting a developer involved to add a tooltip is a pain, and overkill. Envisage can be used to add links throughout your site to open up your documentation in-app, where and when your users need it most, meaning they don't need to leave your site to look for help. It also provides fast access to an in-app support system, live chat, and a range of other support channels. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it, and have you jump in and have a play with it!
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@duellsy Nice feature Chris. Some feedback. This introduction and the tagline above is perfect. However your customer/user email didn't mention the word 'help', and was reasonably 'feature technical' ie told me how to use it, rather than why. I probably would've archived it as it took me a long time to work out what the feature was. I wanted to give feedback in this instance. After clicking through to here - I can totally understand it, and the integration with the rest of the feature set is fab. Hope this feedback is useful and maybe I wasn't the target for the email.
@sheppyc totally relevant. If the announcement didn't explain it well, then that's something I still need to work on. What you say makes complete sense. Thanks heaps for the feedback :)
@duellsy Awesome and fundamental feature! In general who has to write the documentation doesn't have any tech skills and as you said, ask a developer to add a tooltip, is a pain....
@simonelucidi87 thanks! That's been exactly the feedback and roadblock with people getting the most out of elevio, we're really excited to get this tool into their hands and make adding their tips a breeze :)
@duellsy This is pretty cool! Contextual and in-app help is going to become the default way to interact with / support users soon enough, so we can move away from Help and FAQ sites, so this is well placed.. What was the feedback that prompted you to build this feature vs. others?
We've been an elev.io customer for a while now, and hadn't gotten around to creating the tooltips that elev.io provide. This really makes it a no brainer. Looking forward to giving it a run!
This is like super cool!
@palash76 heh, thanks Palash :D
Awesome. In my experience no developer ever enjoys something as menial and hand-coded as adding or changing contextual help. And only rarely do the people working on tweaking onboarding funnels and customer experience have the coding skills they need to do it themselves. Very handy.
@bigyahu exactly, needing to get the devs involved is usually a roadblock in itself... then there's the relationship between the dev team and the support team who are forever making "small" requests of them!
What's the relation between Envisage and Elev.io? These are 2 separated projects?
@ndeverge elevio is our core product, which allows you to bring all your support channels into a single tab, so users can get access to the help they need, where and when they need it, in-app. You can add special links to your site to interact with elevio and open a specific help article, or open up the support system tab for example. Trouble was, it took developer input to add any custom help links throughout your site to bring in the full power. That's where envisage comes in. Envisage, is a tool that we created to compliment elevio, and remove the need for the developers time. It allows your staff you to add these contextual links in your site with a point and click. That make sense?
@duellsy Thanks for the reply. It's clearer now :-)
@ndeverge looks like we've still got some message tweaking work to do!