Entrepreneur Life T-Shirt

As entrepreneurs, we got 99 problems, but a boss ain't one

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Was in an entrepreneur conference this weekend, and came up with this - occurred to me how fitting it was for us here.
@petershankman I guess this is a pre-funding and board kind of tshirt :)
@petershankman Nice one! I was similarly inspired after attending startup/entrepreneur events and conferences - I saw a bunch of startup folk wearing ironic/funny shirts, but mainly they were nerd-themed - Amazon/Google/Dropbox shirts or the stuff you'd find on ThinkGeek. Nothing really targeted to the startup scene. Along the similar lines as yourself, I ended up creating a few designs and putting them on http://www.tshirtstartup.co I was actually at another startup event tonight (Startup West) wearing my "Your Business Idea Sucks" shirt... People love that shirt - everyone gets it, particularly when they see it out of the corner of their eye as someone tells them about the ground-breaking yoga app they're developing :)
@rossdcurrie How is sales so far?
@dshan @rossdcurrie Fairly lousy :) The site was thrown together fairly quickly... at the end of the day I've wound up with some awesome shirts to wear :)