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Enpose is a super simple screenshot API for the web. In fact, 'API' is probably not the right term. All you do is drop a link onto a page and a screenshot will appear!

<img src="https://e.enpose.co/?key={YOURKEY}&url=http://yoursite.com">

It's as simple as that ๐Ÿ‘†

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  • Alyssa X
    Alyssa XEntrepreneur, designer & Noon founder ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป

    Simple to use, intuitive interface, well documented.


    Seems to be missing a support form, and the price, while not necessarily high, might be a hassle for some.

    I'd suggest having some sort of discount to certain users (I believe while it mostly will be useful for businesses, some people might want to use it for their own things), or a special package somewhere. For a startup / organization though it really is a useful tool.

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  • Cris Firmo
    Cris Firmoa curious and info addict guy :)

    The service seems fine and it has a clean layout comparing to others


    Pricey for the features

    The service looks cool and has more features than free ones, but Its really overpriced for a service that only serves to take screenshots, even with some extra functions, its functions are pricey for the price asked (8 to 12 a month in a annual plan...)

    If it had anything to compare parts and even take screencasts (gifs or movies), it wold be better than the current feature set for the price or even better, to be able to convert images to text, grids and etc to compare layouts....

    Only for static images, its really expensive

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  • Romain Violleau
    Romain ViolleauCo-Founder & CEO @ On Rewind (acquired)

    Beautiful marketing


    The price

    Why should we pay for this service while there are many free services?

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  • NaveenKumar Namachivayam
    NaveenKumar NamachivayamPerformance Test Lead | QAInsights.com

    Simple to use


    No free plan

    Good utility. But no free plan.

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