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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 07, 2017

Enpose is a super simple screenshot API for the web. In fact, 'API' is probably not the right term. All you do is drop a link onto a page and a screenshot will appear!

<img src="https://e.enpose.co/?key={YOURKEY}&url=http://yoursite.com">

It's as simple as that 👆

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I love the idea, but I think many people won't pay for this, because if you are in IT field worker, you know how to do a screenshot, a FREE screenshot. Better make it free, drive a traffic and make money on advertising (personal opinion).
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@robert_melkonyan Thanks for the feedback Robert! Sounds interesting. The main audience here isn't really full-on developers. They'd be far more likely to go for something like URL2PNG anyway which seems to be the industry standard. The original use case was for social media promotion. I've written a little about that on the website.
Enpose is a super simple website screenshot API. I originally made this for my own use but I quickly started to use it on heaps of my own sites and found it to be so useful I thought it should be made public! It works entirely through a link. All you do to get a screenshot is call one... like this: (that's an actual Enpose-generated screenshot right there 👆) Enpose will then handle all the other stuff like caching and of course taking the actual screenshot. There are heaps options that can be set too. See exactly how it all works here. Hopefully some people find Enpose useful. It's still sort of in beta... I'm still working out some kinks, but for all intents and purposes it's ready to use! It's FREE for 14 days, so go give it a try and I'd ❤️ to hear any feedback. Sign up now!
@mrjeremyblaze what is used for rendering the screenshots? Also, looking at the embedded screenshot above, it doesn't look like it has rendered your own homepage all that well? Or is that just my impression? Enpose screenshot: https://cl.ly/360O0X0U1Z0a Manual screenshot: https://cl.ly/3w0I1V1W422q
So how do you prevent someone else using my key on another site?
@nusususuzu There’s nothing stopping them really, however you have to add in any domains you wish to screenshot prior to using it, so they’d only be able to screenshot your websites. For example if you took my key and tried to screenshot a page on jeremyblaze.com you’d have no problem, but if you tried to screenshot producthunt.com you wouldn’t be able to because I haven’t added it to my account. It’s not a perfect solution but the benefits of being able to use an API like this on static sites with no API calls I think outweigh the possibility of somebody borrowing your key.
@rviolleau In response to your review of Enpose... The price is definitely a work in progress. What do you think would be a fair price? Or what would you like to see in the product to better justify the price-point I've gone for? Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to run a system like this completely free so that's really not a viable option. That being said, I'm planning to launch a kind-of free tier in the next few weeks based on an invite system. For example, if you were to invite one friend, each of you will get an extra 20 screenshots per day. That'd then allow you to capture 20 screenshots per day for absolutely nothing, or 220 on the basic plan and 1020 on the premium plan.
@mrjeremyblaze I find your pricing very fair given what others charge (starting at 5x your basic plan). I paid 6 months worth of your service + my own time to come up with my own solution based on headless chrome; add monthly heroku service charges + maintenance and I can see how it’s totally worth switching over to enpose. Just yesterday I came across this interesting read, which I recommend: "Monetize Backwards" to Build a SaaS Business That Lasts https://wistia.com/blog/monetizi... All the best!
@andreaspizsa Hey Andreas, thanks heaps for the support! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in Enpose... new features, better documentation – anything! I'm always keen to hear feedback. Thanks for the article link. Reading now! 🙌
@mrjeremyblaze Your free plan based on an invite system is a good idea
@rviolleau Thanks! Glad you like it. I'm hoping to launch it ASAP – working on it LITERALLY right now 😂
@mrjeremyblaze Haha so have a good workday ;)

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