A customer research platform for product teams

EnjoyHQ helps product and UX teams learn from customers faster. Search, organize and share all your customer feedback and user research in one place easily.

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I've been following Sofia's work in the Product world for a few years now. So I was super excited to see her launch EnjoyHQ today! A tool to help organize customer research is needed now.
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EnjoyHQ co-founder here. Big thanks to @dcancel for hunting us =) Hello Product Hunters! We are back on Product Hunt with a brand new name and pretty much a new product. After months of redesign work and shipping very powerful new features, we are excited to share with you EnjoyHQ. EnjoyHQ helps product managers, designers, and researchers do better customer research together. We help you bring all your customer feedback and user research data in one place so you can easily analyze it, organize it and share insights with the entire organization. What’s new? New customer segmentation features Real-time collaboration features Search suggestions New research workflows Custom dashboards and reporting More and deeper integrations Import and export APIs Public sharing I’ll be here if you have any questions and thanks for all your support so far. We are super grateful for the opportunity. Sofia
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Love that in consolidates all of our work into one spot!
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I had been looking for a better option than Airtable for an insights database for awhile (Airtable replaced Google Sheets) when I discovered NomNom. NomNom (now EnjoyHQ) has been the best solution to organize, search, and analyze customer insights (important here... not just research, but insights) from qualitative user research data (particularly surveys, chat, and user interviews). They have a great team, so I am super excited to see them launch today as EnjoyHQ!
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@ashleykgreene Thanks for the kind comments @ashleykgreene =)
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Hey! Congratz on the launch @sofiaqt and @lukaszkorecki 😍Super excited to see your product launch on PH! Love the All in One idea! Would really help managers to understand and learn from customers in much faster way 😍
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Congrats on the launch @sofiaqt and @lukaszkorecki. Can you run through the depth of the user data that EnjoyHQ can cover? When I look at this post I think "okay but I've got Full Contact, Drift, Segment, Metabase, Google Analytics, Typeform, etc", for capturing and storing customer events and reserach. But then I look at your website and I think "oh okay, removing the complexity of all of those tools is something". And then I think about my junior team, and suddenly spending a decade getting up to speed on technical and creative (and human-centric/empathetic) skills is fine when we had to... but an awful thing to push as the expectation for all. It doesn't have to be this hard. Can you please run me through the scope of what EnjoyHQ tackles now, and where you see this in five years?
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@lukaszkorecki @davedri Hi David, I'll DM you because I'm not sure I understand your question :) Regarding where I see our product in 5 years, our customers will help us shape that vision as their needs change and technology advances. I generally see a lot of AI, NLP as part of our core offering and deeper integration with sources of product behavioral data (Product Analytics etc)
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