Find workout partners or personal trainers nearby

Enjifit™ is a free iOS app that helps people stay motivated by connecting them with workout partners (aka. Enjis™) and personal trainers who have similar goals, interests, and are nearby.

The Enjifit app allows users to filter and message users, create workout reminders and post workout sessions for others to join.

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Hey @nicolegarcia, Can you tell us more about the app you've built? How does it differ from other similar apps out there?
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline! Compared to other apps on the market, this one is for finding a workout partner. On the app, you set your goals, interests and workout information, and you can filter other users to see who would be a good fit. From there, they can message each other, setup workout reminders or simply join workout sessions that have been created - and see which ones are nearby on a map view.
Hello!! This week, I reached a huge milestone to launch an app in the market; and while I should feel overwhelmed with joy and excitement, I spent a lot of today reflecting on how tough this 4-year journey has been. I came up with this idea in 2014. But from that time, I gave up...not once, but multiple times when I hit big roadblocks like finding developers, financing the app, and designing the app, and so many more stumps along the way. But somehow the idea of launching the app would always come back to me. I think one of the most powerful motivations I received from some friends was when they said, “you’re still working on that...” and somehow those words motivated me. I guess I’m a fighter. But after losing money with the wrong developers, having to redesign the entire app in a week (myself), and other hiccups; I pushed on. It’s been very tough juggling a full-time role and pursuing my dream in the evening, but today I just wanted to reflect and share my journey with you, because it hasn’t been all fresh roses. In fact, I think that the tough moments made me stronger and more driven to make this app for you all to enjoy. So while the app isn’t perfect just yet, I hope that you all see the vision and will also do what it takes to make your dreams come true. No matter how silly they may seem or how long they take to make reality, just never lose sight of your goals; because in the end, you will prevail. Oh, and I would love your feedback! Xoxo Nicole, Founder & CEO Enjifit
This product seems like a copy of the mobile app Fitmatch available on both iOS and Android right now. Why did you make the decision to release the app on iOS first? Do you think you might loose customers on the Android side due to you making the decision to release the Android version later?
@bignailbedsmake hello! I had never actually heard of that app before, and by looking at their App Store screenshots, it doesn’t even appear to be the same. My app allows you to filter users based on various profile entries, create workout reminders with others and create workout sessions for others to join. That doesn’t seem to be the extent of the app you’ve mentioned. To answer your other question - I think any developer loses customers by offering a product on one software. In a perfect world we would all deliver products on all softwares; however, I have chosen one platform so I can perfect my product before financing another system. Better to have a great product than paying to have two fixed. Feel free to download the app :)
@nicolegarcia Ms.Garcia do you have a dedicated content creator for your startup? Content that can only be found on www.enjifit.com. If not it is a very valuable asset to have in terms of building your brand and the extra perks like residual income.
@nicolegarcia Will Enjifit interface with wearable technology like Fitbits and Apple Watches? Is this capability being planned?
@nicolegarcia Enjifit iOS developer job posting is extremely below market rate of what a typical iOS developer would make on a contract or fulltime position.
I think it's a great product but the CEO has show more initiative in terms of being an example herself of how having a workout partner can help you live accountable. She needs a blog and youtube channel as powerful tools to show her being an example of the product she is selling.