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We’re excited to announce the launch of Hootsuite Enhance here on Product Hunt. Since this is a community of builders, let me give you a little bit of background. We identified two core challenges facing social media professionals—sourcing high quality, shareable images and making sure they're cropped properly for each social network. This app is designed to do just that and also enables you to add watermarks, filters, text, and more so you can make engaging images to go along with your posts. We would love to hear your feedback and questions, so feel free to AMA in the comments below. PS: stoked to see Pixabay on PH last week because we've integrated with them so you can search for high quality photos that you can share.
This looks great!
Lars, Leo, Heather, just tried it and it is fantastic. Well done!
@sergesalager Thank you very much! Really tried to keep it simple, easy-to-use, and quick. Very excited to get it out there and start getting some more feedback from our users.
Great idea and I can't wait to start using it! Here's my feedback (sorry for the presentation - doing this fast): Pros: 1) very intuitive and easy! 2) great features cons: 1) why can't you create the crop just like apple's photo app? I found it extremely difficult bringing in a picture that needed to be cropped (screenshot of another instagrammer's account). I would love to be able to bypass the photo app and just use this. 2) did I miss a markup tool? I see sketches, but it would be great to be able to markup the picture in the app.
@nyjetlife Hi there - thanks for the quick feedback! Re #1: We want to clean up the crop screen a little more to make it even easier. There are a couple things (like whitespace) we'd like to remove so it's a little more like Apple's native editing tool. Side note: if you want to reshare a photo from Instagram, you can regram right within Hootsuite itself and even edit in Enhance if you like. No longer do you need to take screenshots! Pro tip: in Hootsuite itself, go to Search, search for whatever people/hashtags/locations you want, save that as a stream, and regram content - it'll even include photo credit. Re #2: We haven't added a free draw/markup tool yet but have been thinking about it. Excited to get feedback now to help determine what features are the most important. You can submit ideas/feature requests here: http://ow.ly/TrTW305KVSP or reach out to us on Twitter anytime @HootsuiteMobile
Looks great and very useful, Lars! Thanks for mentioning Pixabay :-)