Real-time instructor driven classroom for coders

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Hi everyone, I built EngineHere to provide a live learning environment for beginner level up to advanced coders. It's a bit like Google Hangouts, but with classroom features which make expressing coding concepts simpler. Here's an example (https://www.enginehere.com/strea...) Ultimately, we're going for a middle-ground between completely self-paced, asynchronous MOOCs and offline developer bootcamps, which offer hands-on instruction at a huge cost (time and money wise).
Welcome, @bjpless! My buddy @Artia might find this interesting. @nbashaw who created Dash, may have some good thoughts on this as well. The scheduled aspect to it is unique and serves as a forcing function to commit / DO. Did you start EngineHere with this synchronous, scheduled approach from the beginning? How as the product changed?
Thanks @rrhoover! Forcing function is exactly right. Even among motivated people, it's tough to stay on top of self-paced online courses -- life gets in the way and it's too easy to defer work. With EngineHere, you know that there's a real human being waiting for you in the online classroom every week (or bi-weekly) at a specific time. It's a nice added incentive.
Initially, I was going for a real-time Stack Overflow for open ended coding questions. It was similar to HipChat but with live video and coding features like a runnable web IDE and client to stream terminal IO. People were more interested in structured classes, so I decided to head in that direction (reusing lots of features)