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Quiz that estimates your software engineer level

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Are you a software engineer and unsure of your current leveling? Eng Quiz is a quick 25 minute technical quiz that gives you a coarse estimate of your level and expected compensation.

Mitchell Lee
Mucahit Tutuncu
 +2 reviews
  • Mitchell Lee
    Mitchell Leeco-founder of Penny

    Super easy to use, balanced set of questions, and quick feedback


    It's tough to assess somewhere's technical level so quickly

    I love the concept and have to imagine this will get better with more data. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

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Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Based on the name and thumbnail, I thought this was going to be similar to my "Pokemon or Cryptocurrecy?" quiz haha https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Jonathan Kau
Jonathan KauMaker@jonathankau · Prev @Penny @Facebook @Shyp @Yelp
@daviswbaer Woah! 👋Saw your post about "Can You Wear My Company's Shirt" on IH the other day, didn't realize that you had made that Pokemon quiz too. You're killing it!
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
@jonathankau Hahaha yep, I like shipping silly ideas :)
Louis Nicholls
Louis Nicholls@louisnicholls_ · Founder, Javascript Believer
I'm not sure this is accurate if you're a really bad/novice engineer... My dev skills are self taught and pretty terrible. I can't imagine I answered even 15% of the questions correctly, yet apparently I'm good enough to get a job as a software engineer (which I'm definitely not). Maybe include a "stop kidding yourself" option! Otherwise, really cool and well executed!
Jonathan Kau
Jonathan KauMaker@jonathankau · Prev @Penny @Facebook @Shyp @Yelp
@louisnicholls_ Thanks for testing it out and sharing your thoughts 🙏That's a pretty good point, I had never really considered that people who aren't already full-time engineers would be curious enough about their skills to take the quiz. Will add to my todo list!
Erik Richter
Erik Richter@erikjrichter
@louisnicholls_ @jonathankau Yeah...just took it a second time and selected "I don't know" for each answer, and it said I am ranked at SWE I
Zaheer Mohiuddin
Zaheer Mohiuddin@ziggym0 · Eng @ AWS. Ex-LinkedIn.
This is interesting, saw some traffic headed our way from your site today :) Evaluating levels from the disclaimer on your site and even comments here is unfortunately very difficult and has a ton of factors. We at www.levels.fyi are trying to tackle this from a slightly different angle based on current title. We've found many recruiters index heavily on current position even over experience in some cases though it is variable. Reach out at hello@levels.fyi if you think we can work together on something!
Jonathan Kau
Jonathan KauMaker@jonathankau · Prev @Penny @Facebook @Shyp @Yelp
@ziggym0 Big fan of levels.fyi, will definitely reach out! Agree with most of your assessments, and was experimenting with setting up 1:1 evaluations between senior engineers/others for more accurate evaluations. Think there are many ways of potentially addressing these information gap issues though 👐
Utku Genel
Utku Genel@utkugenel · Back-End Developer
not working
Ezekiel Elin
Ezekiel Elin@ezekielfe
@utkugenel Yeah, same. Clicking the button doesn't do anything for me.
Jonathan Kau
Jonathan KauMaker@jonathankau · Prev @Penny @Facebook @Shyp @Yelp
Hey PH, For those of you full-time employees out there, you may have experienced a time when you weren't actually sure whether your title reflected your day-to-day performance. I wanted to build Eng Quiz because more information means more leverage, whether you're negotiating a raise or interviewing for a new role. There's tons of things to improve to make this more useful, so would appreciate any feedback!
Madhur Jain
Madhur Jain@madhurjain · Tinkerer
@jonathankau any way to check the answers? so curious to know where I went wrong.
Jonathan Kau
Jonathan KauMaker@jonathankau · Prev @Penny @Facebook @Shyp @Yelp
@madhurjain Hey Madhur! Unfortunately I didn't get around to building that into the app before shipping, but if you shoot me an email at jonathanhkau@gmail.com I'd be happy to send you the answers 🙂