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The best alternatives to Eng Quiz are adaface, Search engine for code by Quod AI, and Career Switch To Coding. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Eng Quiz
  • Adaface is a skills assessments platform to identify qualified developers accurately using an AI chatbot with in-built code editor. Our bot, Ada can have deep technical discussions with engineering candidates about algorithms, architecture design and databases, just like a hiring manager does.

  • Search engine to find code & code context across all your repositories quickly. Search using keywords, exact code & more.

  • You have the coding skills to do the job, but do you know how to get the attention of your first employer? Career Switch To Coding is a book that takes you from an unknown coder to turning down more job offers than you accept.

  • Doda tool is made for marketers and contents creators who can not code and want to make interaction with their own audience, customers, and users. 
 You can make contents only in 5minutes ~ 1 hour with the high quality as skilled coder took 14days in average.

  • Buzzword Quiz is a spoof of the famous Logo Quiz app, but for developers. How much do you know about developer logos? Demonstrate your skills and earn a place in the Hall of Fame 🏆

  • A widget based quiz game that's always ready to entertain!

  • QuizMart is the first free content quality-oriented quiz game. We decided that every quiz content creator has the right to proper financial rewards for the job he has done. This makes QuizMart the marketplace of quiz content.