Random and amazing Wikipedia articles.

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This is incredible. I read Wikipedia articles all the time. It's absolutely crazy how many fun and interesting reading experiences there are on Wikipedia. Anything that augments this experience is a huge plus to me. Love this app.
This is a neat way of exploring and learning about random things. Reminds me of Instanerd. cc @mightyalex It could be fun if you could filter down to specific topics or themes. E.g. landmarks in San Francisco, Internet memes, deadpool startups.
@rrhoover I love it, it's the app we never managed to finish; great presentation on the website :) Our prototype: https://popapp.in/w/projects/53f...
Great app and Idea, I really like how simple it is. I've been browsing dozens of articles without getting bored! It will fun to have a daily push notification with a selection of, let's say, 10 articles to read. Good luck!
Awesome to see Endless here. Thanks Ryan; the suggestion to go free really helped provide the extra boost. I hope you try it out. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Where's the android version