The only catfish proof dating app.

Encounter manages your entire dating life from one central location, from the match to the message to monogamy. The only catfish proof dating app. View profiles for potential dates. Schedule dates on your own time at great local businesses with Yelp. Get there and back safely with Uber. Manage communication on your own terms. Have an Encounter.

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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out our new app "Encounter!" I was tired of the bologna and cheese with no cheese when it comes to every online dating app out there on the market today. People hide behind their profiles because folks are afraid to be their authentic selves. Which is a shame because if you are truly looking for something real and potentially long-term you're going to have to open up. Plus it doesn't matter how perfect someone is on paper or what their bio says or how photoshopped their profile pics are you could end up meeting in real life and hate the way they chew their food, or the sound of their voice, or the size of their shoes. The craziest things, right? We thought so too. You're never going to get rid of the smartphone, but with Encounter, we just want to make people look up. Let's face it - a phone can't keep you warm at night. Every day people are swiping away the love of their life and we are on a mission to stop that. Encounter wants to be the standard app for everyone to use, regardless of race/gender/sexual preference. Truly the app for all single people on planet Earth. We have facial-recognition AI built into the platform making Encounter catfish proof. Plus it keeps people accountable. Profile information is minimalistic because you should not be reading someone's life story online you should be getting to know that person face-to-face on an Encounter. When two people match you can't do anything until you physically go on date first. For straight matches, it's ladies choice. LGBTQ? The match selects at random. Yelp is integrated into the platform so dates can only take place at physical businesses - no typing in the address to the basement of someone's house or the cross streets in a back alley in a sketchy neighborhood. Uber is integrated so you don't drink and drive or you just might not want someone to know the type of whip you roll around in. After the first date, each person gets to decide if they want to move forward with communication inside the app. No need to give out your cell phone number on a first date, if there's chemistry then you'll both say yes, if not, you don't have to worry about ghosting, spamming from creepers, spamming from bots, and keep your personal information safe. Any and all feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated. We appreciate your support in the stop to swiping and the progress of keeping it real.
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Congrats on the 🚀, @ali_adkins. Timely launch with Facebook's announcement yesterday. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on their upcoming dating initiative.
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@rrhoover I feel Facebook has recognized that the popular dating apps on the market use FB as a means to build their user base and want to see if they can cash in. However, you cannot interpret authentic organic emotion just from looking at pictures and chatting back and forth. Plus, who is to say the information on someone's FB is accurate and up-to-date at all times? People change their minds based on the direction the wind blows so the only way to have people really connect and figure out if there is something short-term, long-term, or no-term is to get to the meat and go out. The 45 and up demographic is where I see FB getting the most traction from these features, but as a millennial who cares about my privacy, I personally wouldn't opt-in. They have the capital to make their dating feature the way they see fit, but they are going about solving the problem the wrong way. Thanks for the congrats - means a lot coming from you.
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There is a right and wrong way to launch a product. These guys are doing it wrong.




Spam proof service spams people to advertise itself.