Place your selfie videos in cool GIFs

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Hey All, Tomer - one of the founders of Emu, We built this app to connect GIF’s , selfies and emoticons… so you can place yourself inside cool videos and GIF’s. Emu was selected as one of the first Facebook messenger partners - today we are releasing a brand new iOS app and our first Android version. We hope you will have some fun with it - we prepared a special Product Hunt pack for you all to enjoy :) Would love to hear what you think! Here is a short video demo that shows how it works
Very cool idea. I like it a lot. Can we share that kind of emoticons through other apps beside FB Messenger?
@jberrebi thanks for the feedback, you can share at FB,twitter, iMessage or any other platform that does not block GIF, you can also use the video output to work with any platform. our keyboard extension will support video output soon Also very soon we are releasing crazy features... stay tuned:)
Good job. Looks cool. I rarely take selfies. But something like this might get me to take more selfies, maybe...
@leasemolina Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it.
@tomerharry how was the integration with messenger?
@ilbeduss Facebook messenger team are great ! Working close with them on improving the product.
super fun.
@nealrs Thanks Neal! If you have ideas on how to make it better please let me know
This looks Awesome! Just downloaded the app to play with. Gif's don't get more personal than this.
@lombardinelson Thanks! Just sent you an Emu via Twitter