Smart staff management tool for companies

Empy.IO connects company management to the team and helps you synchronize with your coworkers easily. Key features:
- Vacation requests management
- Late for work notifications
- Remote work requests management
- Sick leave requests management
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Very promising tool for mid-sized companies that will help them deal with their employees requests and always know where their staff is.
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I think it is pretty promising but I would suggest something: First off the app is awesome and would solve lots (I mean LOTS) of problems in Mexico, if the app was in Spanish that would be great! and as a feature request, if somehow you could do sort of “Geo-fencing” on your office and make a Mobile App for employees so it would be automatically logged when they haven't arrived on time, so it is automatically notified that they are late on HR as many times if colleagues have a good relationship they can lie about if one worker arrived late or not. Sort of like a Geo-fenced check-in and check-out.
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@dantnad Thanks for the feedback! Awesome idea about Geo-fencing, now we have it on our TODO list! Concerning Spanish - we'll definitely work on localization for different countries.
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I am certainly gonna start using this for my small startup! It has a clean design and is very simple to use. Perfect for what I would use it for. It would be awesome to see a bit more customisation (like being able to add your logo to the page and changing the colours depending on your brand). Like for us we would put our logo in the top left of the home screen and all the colours would be blue and red. If I saw that this would be even better than it is already! A very awesome product and very affordable compared to other options.
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@hburr2006 Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm putting the feature with logo customization for the next development sprint and you'll get the update when it's ready. Please, let me know if you need any help with the product, I'll be glad to help.

Great product


easy, simply all you need in one.


no custom theme

Thanks, Roman, for the feedback. We'll think about different color schemes. Which one do you prefer?
Your products looks interesting. I have several smaller companies as customers(construction workers and shops). This could be a good product for many of them. Any plans on offering a reseller model so It could be possible to resell your product ?
@chris_almeland Thanks for your feedback. Currently we don't have a reseller model since we are just joining the market. But what we can definitely discuss the kickback fee for you when you help us sell the product. If you are interested, please, email me at info@fusionworks.md