Employee onboarding checklist

A checklist to successfully onboard new employees

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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2019

A collaborative checklist to rock your new employees’ onboarding

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Laure Albouy
Laure AlbouyMaker@laure_albouy
Hi everyone, We’re excited to share this employee onboarding checklist! We’re a 14-people team at Slite but we’ve already learned one valuable lesson: onboarding new employees smoothly takes lots of planning. It inspired us to share a collaborative and public version of our process! We hope it inspires your team :) It's work in progress — please help us improve it: how do you onboard new employees? what have we totally forgotten? Big shout out to Fanny @Madkudu and Alison @Sqreen for their precious feedback on their respective onboarding processes!  Cheers :) Laure, Adrien and Clara
Liam Boogar
Liam BoogarHiring@liamboogar · Head of Marketing @ MadKudu
Super awesome @laure_albouy & gang! Love seeing more stuff like this coming out of Slite!
Laure Albouy
Laure AlbouyMaker@laure_albouy
@liamboogar thanks for your support :)))
Laure, my dear! Great job!! 👍👍👍
Laure Albouy
Laure AlbouyMaker@laure_albouy
@afanasiy Thanks for the support, as always!! :)
Kingeek@fxcostanzo · UI developer at Sqreen
Amazing checklist! Congrats guys 🎉
Laure Albouy
Laure AlbouyMaker@laure_albouy
@fxcostanzo thank you - sqreen was a big inspiration!!
Adrien Taravant
Adrien TaravantMaker@ataravant
Yeah, we hope you'll like it. From our past experience great onboarding can make the difference between failed and successful hires. We'll love to get your feedback on this list and do not hesitate to share with us what other pragmatic checklist you think would be valuable to share with other teams!