Employee Assessment Builder

Test & evaluate your employees online the not boring way

involve.me is a drag & drop builder for all your employee assessment needs. You can build online testing systems with training videos and automatically scored quizzes with instant feedback. involve.me assessments are intuitive to make and fun to take.
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I'm a team of one, but this gave me an idea to make landing pages with videos to up my ticket sales. Can I use it for that?
@jack_holmes yes, you can! Pick a landing page template and drag & drop your video there. Check out the templates: https://app.involve.me/templates
The UI here is fantastic, great job!
@warren_day Thank you Warren, glad you like it! 🙌
Loved the idea, the UI also looks very professional.
👋😺 Hi Product Hunters! Thanks for stopping by to check out Employee Assessments by involve.me! Restrictions to human contact during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have made in-person professional development a challenge and coerce many companies to move their training online. While growing our own team, we noticed the impact good onboarding, ongoing training, and consistent performance evaluation have on the company as a whole. 88% companies don’t onboard well, according to their employees. 58% companies say their on-the-job training focuses on processes and paperwork. We’re here to change that. 💪 Employee Assessment by involve.me helps managers to: ✅ Incorporate training video courses ✅ Create feedback surveys ✅ Digitize assessment paperwork & processes ✅ Track employee performance over time ✅ Increase professional training efficiency It also comes packed with useful & easy to use features like: ➡️ 100% visual drag & drop editor ➡️ Automated scoring ➡️ 100+ professionally designed templates ➡️ Instant feedback ➡️ Real-time click and submission reports ➡️ & much more Looking forward to your feedback! 😍 📣📣📣 Use code HUNTER-BONUS for 25% off your first 3 months.
HR professionals are not designers or developers, but their teams deserve training experiences that look great and work automatically. We made a tool that allows any company to create training video courses with a minimal time investment. Can't wait to see what you guys make!