Emojivision uses coveted Emoji Technology™ to take advancements and innovation in emoji research and development and bring them to your camera.
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Hi like many others I've been getting absolutely sick and tired of having to manually create photos made out of emojis so I decided to finally put my 🦶foot ⬇️down⬇️. I 🗣asked👩🏻‍🦳 Siri to🙋‍♀️ help me🙇‍♂️ and she delivered📦 emoji📺 vision👁 onto🔛 🤪my 📲home 😵🤭🤗screen🙏🖐🆗💯. (thanks vin verma for the video)🤗
Incredible work Gabe!
Very cool! Would love to know how you optimized the algorithm to match emoji colours to each pixel!
Very novel way to use emoji in a fun context - works as expected and happy to see the fun results
Just tried it out and really enjoyed it! Would love to know how this was achieved
@sebastiancrossa I’m going to try and so a shirt write up in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.