Emojion Journal

A fun, private way to be mindful of thoughts and emotions

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Hello ProductHunt! Emojion Journal is a fun way to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, rooted in psychological research. There’s no tracking, no ads, and no connection to the internet. The app is meant to keep you mindful of your actions while not distracting from your day. We all feel a bit silly sometimes, so why can’t mindfulness be just as lighthearted? Feel free to check it out. Hope you enjoy!
Is there any plans for an android app?
@marksokol89 Not at the moment. I'm still working on iOS but maybe Android in the future. Feel free to follow @EmojionJournal on Twitter for updates
Please make it available on the Aus store
@yougeekybastard Broader availability has been highly requested and I am planning to bring the app to more countries. I will make sure Australia is on the list! I’ll update here and @EmojionJournal on Twitter when it’s out