Emoji Stickers

Now you can have all your Emojis in the form of stickers

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Two inches. C'mon. @joshm - you can get yourself an IRL dancing girl!
Insta-upvote. And here's a related internet gem, courtesy of @ZackShapiro: Emoji IRL
Curious how you guys are getting around copyright limitations. Isn't Apple quite protective over the emoji library? Remember reading that you couldn't use them in apps (hence open source emoji libraries).
This is a really fun idea! I hope you update with the new emoji that were recently announced. I want to use "Man In Business Suit Levitating" for all my really important physical business cards. :P
Ordered two packs (shocking), tried paying with PayPal - did not work (even more shocking, I know) saw an option for Bitcoin, scanned code with Coinbase iOS app, 30 seconds later Emoji Inc the confirmation email. πŸ‘