Emoji Saver

A macOS screen saver

Emoji Saver is a fun screen saver for macOS. It includes not only the Apple emojis, but also Emoji One emojis, Twemojis and Noto emojis. Get to know them all!

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We all love Emojis! This screen saver animates them in many funny ways and is highly configurable.
(no content, how can I delete a message on Product Hunt?)
Dope Design🚬🚬
No dice? 😥
@chadwhitaker This message is a general error message provided by Apple that can have multiple reasons. Are you on macOS Sierra or El Capitan? Have you tried re-opening System Preferences? Are there any logs in the Console app (filter by "emoji")? Best solution at the moment is always to delete the Emoji Saver, do a re-download and install it again. I have setup a troubleshooting page at http://emojisaver.eu/troubleshoo... that handles common problems. I would be glad in assisting you further, please drop me a mail at emojisaver@klaas.is
@chadwhitaker Could you get it running? Most often it is only restarting and reselecting the Emoji Saver.
@qlaas I think the restart did the trick. Seems to be working now. Fun screensaver! 😄
@chadwhitaker great and thanks! 😃