Emoji Face Masques

Emoji face masques that are amusing & good for your skin

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Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
These look like something out of a horror movie.
Rodrigo Hillion
Rodrigo Hillion@rohillion · Web Developer
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just bought two for a friend. 😍
Nir Kouris
Nir Kouris@nirkouris · Founder & CEO of NK- Innovation Strategy
@rrhoover me too lol
Looks so creepy :D But I like it! Very cool idea.
Joakim Karlsson
Joakim Karlsson@pjoakimkarlsson · HR Tech & Innovation @ PwC Sweden
Cool! But it looks like Slipknot dropped a new album.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunter@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
Petite Amie Skincare has created a clever line of emoji face masks that are both amusing and good for your skin.