Emoji cp

Find and copy emoji, fast

All the Emoji sites on the internet are slow 🐒
But now! Emoji cp is fast ⚑️
Search for the perfect emoji, and copy it with a click
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Hey PH! I was walking to work last Wednesday, when I was struck by an idea: "Build a great UI for finding emojis and copy pasting them fast" Not wanting to let the thought fade, I jotted that very sentence down and started building that evening. I finished it on Sunday and shared it with a few people. It even got some positive responses! https://twitter.com/poppacalypse... Well, I couldn't have said it better than that Tweet... so, I won't πŸ˜† In the words of one of my first users: "⌨️ Type to search, up/down arrows to select, Enter to copy πŸ‘ No need to lift hands off keyboard πŸ–±οΈ Mouse usage optional ⚑ Fastest emoji site i've used by far!" Enjoy!
Really cool! Works great on mobile too - the recommended alternatives are more helpful than the suggested emojis in Messages
@aggriffith Ayyyy - glad you like it!! There's a, um, "special" search algorithm in Emoji cp to look for emojis that are related to your search term 😁
I would love this as an alfred extension 😍
@julianbaker Ahhh - another idea I hadn't thought of!!! This is also a brilliant idea, will think about this as well!
@demtzu Oh this is wonderful, thanks for sharing!
Great tool @pliao39! Any plans to make it into an electron menubar app? I created a template that might be handy for this https://github.com/nearbycoder/e.... Allows for opening with hotkeys and closing.
@nearbycoder That. That, is a very interesting idea! I hadn't thought of it! Opening with hotkeys is totally on-brand and I love that concept ⌨️ Will noodle on this πŸ™‚
This is really interesting, great job