Emergy Disk

Handheld exerciser for workout on-the-go

• More muscle groups in less time
• Get in shape at your desk, on a plane, and everywhere in between
• Optimize effort with adaptive torque resistance and space technology
• Choose goals and track progress in real time with a wirelessly connected app
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@pernomina_alexandra It light, about 2lbs
Hey @lynne_hale, how many daily exercises recommended for achieving visible results and how long it would take to achieve those results? In addition, an idea and the design is really good.
@lynne_hale @albertshepherdson Thank you for your question. Creating Emergy we never visioned it as a bodybuilding equipment but something that will help to stretch muscles anywhere and any time, or burn those calories from that extra cookie. :-) That being said it can be as challenging as you want it to be. With Emergy you work out against your own force. More force you put into Emergy more you get back. Emergy performance is based on torque resistance. Two pounds of steel and a powerful springs system make it an equivalent to joggling 10 - 20 lbs dumbbell depending on your effort and an exercise. Continually changing vector of force helps to engage different groups of muscles with variable loads. With Emergy you just don’t need to carry around all that weight. What makes Emergy stand out is the fact that you can do short burst exercising utilizing short breaks or any idle waiting time as well as you can use it simultaneously with working on your computer or just walking.
Hello Product Hunt! Special Thank You to @chrismessina for hunting Emergy Disk! Long sitting is a pandemic of our century. We spend most of our lives on the chair and still never have enough time to stretch our muscles and exercise as much as we’d like. Emergy Disc is an answer to our deskbound way of life. With Emergy Disk no coffee break is too short for a quick workout. In fact, you can sip your coffee and exercise while doing so. We are a team of professionals who’ve decided to combine its experience in physics, mechanics, aerospace and physiology to develop super compact and lightweight exerciser that can be used anywhere and anytime regardless of your fitness level. It took us about 3 years, tons of tests and improvements and finally, we are ready for production. With Emergy you are working out against your own force. It can be as easy or as challenging as you prefer. Put more force into Emergy and its weight reinforced by a powerful spring system will return it several times. Its like joggling 10lbs to 20 lbs dumbbell depending on exercise. The difference is that you don’t have to carry all that weight around. Emergy Connect also includes an interactive personal trainer app helping you to set your fitness goals, control the effort in real time and track the progress. Workout on-the-go with Emergy Disc and save your gym time for what you love.
It's just as cool as the casual handheld exerciser lmao
@pwkeygen Actually, it's different. Emergy's torque-resistance system with AdaptiveStrength™ means that it's just as useful for someone getting started as it is for the exercise experienced thanks to a resistance level that gets more challenging the harder you turn it.
what muscles exactly does it develop?
@norayr_margaryan This depends on the exercises you do. There are exercises to work out most of upper body. We are going to include tutorial with each Emergy and also it will be part of the app.