A COVID-19 Child Care Toolkit to Modernize FAQs for Parents

emcaso is a new gold standard for emergency family care. App lets parents share child care FAQs 60-11kX faster & easier while solving for readability issues. Help us help Essential Workers!
emcaso auto-fills paperwork & simplifies family routines.

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The manual ways parents share child care FAQs is tedious, time consuming and dysfunctional. Parents need automation to streamline family FAQ answers to auto-fill legal forms and simplify everyday family routines.
Hey Fennel, I'm very curious in your product. Are you out of beta?
@jacqvon Hello World...It's LIVE. In the wild! For more information about our app, see our demo: https://youtu.be/6AUqpWK46Z8 We are aiming to support the Children's Council of San Francisco (CCSF) with their outreach to the city's "Essential Workers" who need immediate emergency child care. Since day cares, in-home care centers and preKs have CLOSED -- and DNE at this time & will NOT open in the foreseeable future -- the nonprofit Children's Council is identifying ways to create safe, high quality, pop-up child care centers and innovative resources to help the Essential Workers. We are currently exploring CCSF's immediate low-contact childcare needs. Essential Workers in the San Francisco Bay Area need to find people/care givers/educators/guardians who can take care of their kiddos while they work. The Children's Council has been a strong advocate for parents with young kids in San Francisco for over 45 years, so we are proud to partner with them as much as possible to aid these mission-critical parents with a child care FAQ platform. As the city’s second-largest nonprofit contractor, with an annual budget of over $100 million, the Council is working tirelessly so Essential Worker parents can be more productive -- and focus on our collective necessities during this COVID-19 crisis! To learn more about their legacy https://www.childrenscouncil.org Where does emcaso come in? our emcaso team is excited to minimize the effort it takes families to on-&-off board into these child care centers, during such stress-full times. It is UNACCEPTABLE that it takes parents hours/child to fill out paperwork each time they need emergency child care. For example this is one of MANY head-slamming nasty BS forms, and error-prone processes parents struggle with manually today: https://www.emcasoapp.com/LIC700... Our responsive mobile app has transformed a 1 hour-3 week process of paper pushing, into just the click of a button – by streamlining answers to family care FAQs. emcaso effectively and efficiently streamlines child care FAQs for Essential Workers who are-on-the-GO, by filling out legal enrollment forms such as LIC700 60-11K+X faster, easier while solving readability issues. Parents, and especially parents with young children ≤5 Years Old, have a universal need to share child care details with care givers. emcaso is a B2C mobile app that modernizes family care FAQs, and “in case of emergency” refrigerator notes. Connecting - please evaluate emcaso app, and advise: http://emcasoapp.com For more information about our app, see our demo: https://youtu.be/6AUqpWK46Z8 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Where are the (telemedicine AI IOT API blockchain) angels?!. We need 21c automation tools to help us take care of our children. http://emcasoapp.com ++++++++++++++++++++++++
emcaso accelerates the time it takes for a ESW parent to acquire child care assistance. The faster the parent provides the answers, the faster their child(ren) can be taken care of by a non-parent care giver. In this case: The San Francisco Emergency Child Care Program for Young Children aims to provide high-quality care for children (up to age 5) of Essential Services Workers (ESWs), as defined by the City’s recent Public Health Order to Shelter in Place. Skilled early educators experienced in working with young children will provide care in licensed, city-funded early care and education programs located throughout San Francisco. The Emergency Child Care Program for Young Children takes place in modified environments with activities that reduce group sizes, increase social distancing, and help mitigate the health risks to children, families, and staff. The program is free of charge to participating ESW families.
Who is willing to bet, that during a major medical emergency...a stranger will be able to read your handwriting (within a mini rectangle box the size of an almond) -- in order to comprehend specific instructions about how to care for your child(ren)?
Yes, very likely - my penmanship rocks
No, unlikely - i cant read my own handwriting
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Which is the better invention of all time?
(A) Grandparents - being in the care of grandparents
(B) The boob - breastfeeding from "the girls"
(C) Hard to say
(D) Other
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