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#4 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2018

EmbedStories is a platform for Instagram stories that can expand their reach beyond Instagram, convert them to AMP story and broadcast them on any website, in real time.

  • Jo Da
    Jo DaBusiness Intelligence Expert

    - The team behind the product: well-placed and highly skilled.

    - All previous products are top quality and suit the customers' needs


    - no cons

    I recently visited Katerina, Nikola, Jane and the whole Team in Skopje - I honestly can say that every single day these entrepreneurs strive to perfectly suit their customers' needs. So far I had no chance to use EmbedStories, but I've tested their two other outstanding products, EmbedReviews and EmbedAlbum. Both are easy to use and it's uncomplicated to embed the information from various external sources to your website.

    These guys really deliver quality products, so I’m sure EmbedStories will be their next success story!

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  • Pros: 

    Innovative as ever, as to be expected! The world of social media is knitting together and it's thanks to these guys. Props!



    Number one in the field!

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Hey Product Hunt friends! 👋 We’re super excited to introduce EmbedStoreis, the world’s first platform for Instagram stories. Our team wanted to bring the exposure of your stories beyond your Instagram account. We imagined a platform that will help you store, reuse and bring to life your hard work and those beautiful stories to a wider audience. Basically, we wanted to save you tons of time and resources in content production. EmbedStories gives Instagrammers and digital marketing agencies the flexibility to present their stories on other platforms, by displaying them on any website, utilizing them for promotional activities, increasing the distribution of their Instagram activity and the best, transforming them in AMP story format to meet the future invasion of the Google stories. Here is what you can do with EmbedStories: - Connect multiple Instagram accounts and fetch their stories - Generate stories and archiving them - Use unlimited widgets to display stories on any website - Choose from multiple layouts and variety of customization options - Make your instagram stories shoppable - Convert stories into AMP format ready to meet the Google stories official launch. EmbedStories is a powerful tool that integrates with the official Instagram API and we are just getting started and more features are coming soon. If you use WordPress, here is our official WordPress plugin that supports EmbedStories and will allow you to embed Instagram stories with a shortcode: http://bit.ly/InstagramWordPress... And here is a surprise: We provided a FOREVER FREE widget, that floats with your latest Instagram story on your website. Here is the FREE version: http://bit.ly/InstagramStoriesWi... Questions? We'd love to hear from you, especially if you have a crazy feature request :) Feel free to share the love! Have an awesome day!
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@nikola_bojkov Good luck with this amazing level of Instagram stories. You have my support <3 Cheers to Janne Uzunovskii!
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@vaibhavguptaghw Thanks a lot. And Janne is the best ;-)
@vaibhavguptaghw thanks my friend! you too :) @nikola_bojkov happy to learn from you!
@nikola_bojkov Hi there, could I embed stories onto my IOS /android apps using your product? thanks
Storytelling on another level. Nice job guys. And kudos on the feature to convert Insta to AMP story. The platform looks great. Will experiment with it the next 7 days.
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@ancitrakatanci Thanks a lot, and looking forward to your suggestions and ideas how to make it even better.
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Interesting product for a need created by the rise of the popularity of "Stories". Will sign for the trial and test it for the new web product we are creating.
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@karas Thank you, and i agree the popularity of Stories is going to rise and maybe become the best way to consume content on mobile.
This is a really nice idea! I'm working on my app to create better Instagram Stories, I'll take a look at how these two apps could work together!
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@kovacsamate thanks a lot, we are very open for ideas and partnerships. Feel free to drop me a line nikola@embedsocial.com
Very excited to check out this plugin! Could really help simplify a lot of work.
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@ryanhunter6 Thanks, that one of our key goal, save time and simplify workflows. As always we are looking for new ways to improve the platform, so feel free to share your ideas and suggestions.