Improve email marketing potential with animations.

Improve the marketing potential of your next email with great animated countdowns and buttons through an easy to use interface without technical skills or coding.

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Hey @enricodeleo, Can you tell us more about why you wanted to build this? Love to hear more about the void you were filling.
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@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! Sure! My startup sends a lot of emails with limited offers. At one point we thought that campaigns would have been more successful if we would clearly state that in a nice way (spoiler alert: it works :P). At the very beginning I built a script that could crete a countdown over a given image returning a gif embeddable into an email but it was still a draft and no marketers wanted to use it because it was without a graphical interface and more design features, so at the end they always asked me to give them the magical url thy needed for the next email. Meanwhile some friend with other startup started asking if he/his startup could do the same so I decided to rewrite it in a better way and build an (hopefully) easy interface around it. More feedback came and now it supports also countdowns that hasn't a fixed end date but get a custom end date for each send, the interface gives you the snippet ready for that and for your sending platform. Now everyone can do this! Look at the demo for an usage example with MailChimp ->
Now I'm working on animated buttons. About that I have to admit it's just because I saw one of them in a marketing mail I got form a famous brand and totally loved it! :D I thought hey, it would be great to create a designer for them too. The plan is to have the toolbelt for the modern email marketer that wants to make mails great again!

Really helped with CTR in email campaigns.


Love the configuration options


Needs more ready made models to copy

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@russianpilgrim Hi Nikolai! Emailurgency supports dynamic dates (+6 hours, +3 days etc, excellent for transational emails) and has more design options. Furthermore, you can create animated buttons too (buttons are totally for free).
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