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Tried 5 names and domains to test it (emails that I know already) and it didn't get any of them :(
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@johnsteerfowler ditto. guessing it does not talk to servers on the domain at all, just runs probable sequences and generates guesses.
@johnsteerfowler we are always trying to increase our hit rate. our servers are also getting a lot of traffic right now, which might be causing some problems.
@johnsteerfowler I tried a few on my own that I knew did not exist and got them... not sure what to think at the moment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've downloaded your Chrome Extension and examined your source code. First you save the user e-mail in a variable: var user_email; chrome.identity.getProfileUserInfo(function(userInfo) { user_email =; }); And ... on the first submit, you send this mail to your servers: $.post("", { domain: domain, name: name, user_email: user_email }); IMHO, it's not a good way to build a mail database....
Hey guys! John from Amplemarket here. I’m very excited to launch Emailmatcher on Product Hunt! Emailmatcher helps you find anyone’s email address in a matter of seconds. We just need the name and domain. Our database has upwards of 280 million contacts so we hope we can find who you are looking for! Emailmatcher also has a chrome extension. Emailmatcher is completely free and there are no limits (just please be nice :)
It's been hit and miss in my case when I tested it but more importantly where is the Privacy option. This is the 2nd such product on PH in the last 2 weeks and I have to say - not a fan. I want there to be an option like a Do Not Call list, where I can put in my email address and you won't pass it on to someone i'm sick and tired of receiving spam emails from companies that I have no interest in doing business with that get our emails through email lists, and services like this one. Please protect users too!
Love the product
@kyunbit glad you like it Angik! I hope it's useful for you.