Find company email formats in seconds. Painless prospecting.

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My favorite tool for finding someone's email address is Norbert.
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@rrhoover nice. yea that one looks really slick.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan and everyone on Product Hunt! Glad to be featured here and share this project with you. Norbert is a great product and I really like what @cx42net has built. @davidreynolds and I started working on EmailBreaker as a personal tool to make life a little easier for us. We've all been in a situation where we have someone's name and company, but we don't know their email. Most people approach that with the Rapportive trick to test email permutations or they fire off emails until they don't get a bounceback. We thought we could make that step a little easier by crawling the web for email addresses to figure out the most common formats. Rather than testing permutations with an SMTP handshake, we parse emails formats from actual email addresses that we've discovered and verified. Happy to answer questions and would love to hear feedback!
@rrhoover Thank you :) (I'm the creator of Norbert :)). @brittingham Thank you for the kind reply. I suppose it's your app? The idea behind it is quite interesting and I like your approach. Just a few ideas : 1. You should add "not found" kind of response. I started to wondering why it didn't worked : I tried with my company (, yours ( and ..., and nothing. I first thought that the js was broken, or maybe your server, until I opened the console, saw the request and tried 2. You should add an explanation about what is it and how it works. If I give the link to someone without explanation, they will have to think in order to know what your service is supposed to do. And users don't like to think ;) ( Hope this will helps.
@cx42net @rrhoover Hey Cyril, I've been working on EmailBreaker with @davidreynolds. I'm so happy that you've offered feedback. Norbert is beautifully designed and there's a lot we could learn from you. The app needs some love and polish. We got picked up by Product Hunt earlier than we thought, but we're embracing the opportunity to receive feedback. Great suggestions, we'll be incorporating both ideas. Thanks again!
Interesting idea - would be smart for you to add ability for folks to submit the format themselves though. (I may have missed) - I tried around a dozen common domains in Europe and go no hits on any of them, would be good to "contribute" as such in those situations.
mmm was not accurate on my test
@OurielOhayon Hey Ouriel, thanks for checking out EmailBreaker! Which domain were you searching? In some cases a company may have multiple email formats. We report on what we've seen, but of course we don't see everything. We're continuously adding more data and improving the quality.
interesting how only certain companies appear. no results for :)