Email Verification Tool

A Google Sheets add-on for bulk email verification

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@katymaradona nice stuff. how do you validate the data?
@sliver86 thanks. We wrote a software to validate data.
@katymaradona yeah I guess that was obvious 😜 I was interested in some more details
@sliver86 I will ask my co-founder to write a post about tech details. Thanks!
Hello Product Hunters. Let me tell you a short story behind this product. The number one tool i always start with is a blank Google Sheet with add-ons that can supercharge it. As a founder, i do both marketing and sales in my company. There are a few companies that let you find email addresses related to a domain, like Hunter and Clearbit. But i was looking for email address verification tool for my team. So we can search email addresses manually and verify them in a few clicks. Out team spent a week building such a tool and yesterday it was approved by Google. Would like to get any feedback on how to make it more useful! P.S. I'm sorry, forgot to mention you can use «PRODUCTHUNTER» coupon code to get 50% off on any plan.
@katymaradona Thank you Katy for creating this. It's very useful for a manual marketing/sales tasks.
@lumilevskyi You are welcome, Lu.

I had a list of 150 email addresses of journalists i collected manually for a couple of weeks. Just verified them all.


Simple to use, type =VerifyEmail in a cell and you will get results. It's useful for a manual marketing/sales tasks.


200 free requests and then 50 every month, but pricing is good.

I live in Google Spreadsheets! Happy to find such a good tool that supercharges GS.


The most simple product that brings value, i saw this year.


Don't see any.

Thank you Katy. Is it possible to use the add-on with Google Apps for Work (G Suite)? We are a team of 5.
@vasvaskul You are welcome, Vas. We have applied for G Suite too, it will works a little bit later.
@katymaradona that's awesome. I've sent some feedback through a form. Please contact me when you get an approval