Email Validator!

Free JSON API that gives you a simple way to validate emails

#4 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2015
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so writing 40 lines of PHP code is all it takes to get Hunted ?
@digitalbase SantaHunt (#5 last Thursday) was 20 lines of PHP code. You don't know anything about the world today if you think complexity measures a great product
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@digitalbase I 100% agree. It was me who posted it in PH as I do in twitter or other social networks I was extremely surprised ... took 1 hour of actual work since I had the code almost done just a bit of refactor. Our other Open Source software which I have spent thousands of hours of work got only 10 votes! and our SaaS which we have spent a loot of resources got 111 votes. I have here more than 193 votes right now. I do not understand the algorithm or why this happens, but is soul breaking :( I will do a post and explain this in my blog soon with stats thoughts etc.
@noxowe @digitalbase " if you think complexity measures a great product" agree, but all the guys on our office which work so hard everyday were really surprised about this and then disappointed...also we are checking what we did wrong back then.
@deambulando @digitalbase you probably didn't contact the right person and now you had luck.
@deambulando @digitalbase you can also post again since it hasn't been featured. Cc @bentossel
Hello! I developed this API to validate emails specially to avoid fake registers and spam. You can use directly the API from the webservice or you can host it yourself since I have released the code ;) Hope you find it useful ;)
Nice job. I've found this kind of services (used Mailgun's before) useful also to return wrong typed emailaddress ( et al).
@noxowe valid name valid dns not spam domain.
@deambulando @noxowe any plans to add not-spam-name validation, if that's even possible?
@d3vtoolsmith @noxowe was thinking on a shared db of known spam emails. Similar to an api to report spammy users and based on an algorythm mark the address as spam then. Also another with known bounce emails etc...lets see what I can build. Any suggestion apreciated. Thanks
@noxowe but if its a powned email address what do you suggest? I will still let him register, he can be a really normal customer. At least in my case I will like to have a list of known spammers and bounces. So if its an spammer and we are 100% sure block the access to him. in case its a bounce notify the customer that he may not receive the email.... anyway you should always have some sort of activation email to verify at least exists ;)
Would love to see this available to various CMS out there, like Wordpress, Joomla, etc.