Email Parser

Extract data from incoming emails and automate your workflow

#5 Product of the DayApril 28, 2018

Email Parser is a handy tool to capture data from your incoming emails

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isn't that exactly what Zapier Email Parser does? for free?
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@adigold1 yes, it is the same but with Email Parser you can parse any kind of data, from the email or the attachments. It is also a bit more complex to set up.
It’s an interesting concept! Since privacy is a key topic of discussion these days, how do you keep users’ data secure?
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@alexsmacd Most users download and install Email Parser to parse the emails they receive. Email Parser holds the emails in their own computer, like Outlook does.
Great job!! Any google Chrome plugin?
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush. No, sorry. It is meant to be an app, not a plugin. But who knows, may be in the future...