A growing list of case studies, breaking down everything you need to know about email marketing.
Learn how the best companies write email sequences, grow their list, handle segmentation, and much more!
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I've been in the email marketing game through two decades. During that time, I've had hands-on experience with growing email lists, deliverability, segmentation, subject lines, metrics, you name it! Being so passionate about email marketing, I've set out on a new venture as Founder of Email Mastery. Excited to finally launch. Any questions about the project, please let me know. And any feedback, is also great :)
@email_mastery Congrats on the launch Alec. For people like me who do not have much experience on email marketing, this is a treasure trove. Even more interesting are the tear downs, which makes it easy to understand the flow. Thank you and keep up your good work. Cheers :)
@devaonbreaches You're welcome Devanand!
@email_mastery i checked your website, it's plenty of positive content, we can maybe work together @minelead
Love this - Reminds me of Marketing Examples for email. Congrats on the launch Alec.
@harrydry haha thanks Harry for the support!
@harrydry i actually thought you were the founder for a second :-)
I especially love the teardown of emails from Casper. It's detailed & helped me understand the psychology behind emails. Congrats, Alec!
@priya_nain Thanks Priya, really love hearing feedback like this which further motivates me to keep doing this...
Hey Alec. I really like the idea of this and would be interested in seeing if there's a way we could collaborate. Could we connect?
@matt_rowbotham Absolutely, you can fill out the form on the About page to get in touch.
These are top notch - congrats on the launch!
@nathangrieve3 Thanks Nathan, appreciate it