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A bundle of three short books covering the basics of email marketing – Drip is giving this bundle away for the next few days, so hop over to the Gumroad page and grab these while they're free.
@annagjacobsen "Roger that, Mission Control...we have capture!" Looks like I have my lunch-hour reading all lined up. Thanks for this, the Drip team is one of the best in the game. I'm looking forward to learning whatever you all are teaching.
@chris_hawk Right on, Chris! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Interested to see what kind of content these books provide that you can't source from other areas of the internets.... does anyone have any insights? @robwalling would love to get your take on these books! What is the story behind them?
@bentossell We wanted to pull together as much knowledge as we could on the basics of email marketing (finding a tool that works for you, finding an audience, writing emails that get opened, measuring results, growing your list, etc...). We go waaaaaay deeper than stuff you can find on the web, plus we have insider experience having seen thousands of campaigns and broadcast and millions upon millions of emails over the past year or two. And we compiled it into an easy-consumable package. It turned into more than a beginner's guide, though, as there's a lot of info in this set that intermediate and even advanced email marketers will learn something (we talk about offline strategies for gathering emails, for example - not something typically covered). We also dive into do's and don'ts of email design and deep dive into deliverability and list reputation (again, something most resources gloss over). All in all, it's the effort of a few months from multiple people on our team of outlining, brain-dumping, writing, editing, refining, and designing. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out...
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@robwalling @bentossell Cool to see a snippet of all the effort that went into it. Thanks for sharing!
Stoked to read this @robwalling! Been a Drip user for a little while and it was a godsend switching from MC to you guys. Incredible product, great support and now tons and tons of free knowledge. Thanks!
@chrisgscott Awesome; great to hear it, Scott. I hope these knock your socks off.
Awesome job. Looking forward to reading through these books.
Wow, thank you so much for putting this book series together @robwalling! Can't wait to dig into them! :)