Simple RSS Reader for iOS

Elytra is a simple and free RSS Feed Reader for iOS. All articles in Elytra are rendered natively using iOS’ TextKit. You can now not only search for articles, but search for text within articles.

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Great UI! Have been beta testing this app. The only thing would be that the icon could be better. The UI has a great native iOS look, but not so much the icon. A bit too glossy.
@eivindml I agree with your point about the icon. I’ve been tweaking it but I keep coming back to this one. I’ll perhaps release those icons as a set and you can pick whichever you can like the best.
@dezinezync That would be cool 🤤 My opinion would be to have a flatter icon with a darker background. Just my 2 cents.
@eivindml yes, aligns with what I have at the moment in a rough state. Thank you for this feedback.
Great Design! I was looking for an alternative to Feedly last weekend so perfect timing, I am going to try Elytra 👍
Do people still do RSS? Oh my many stacks..
Would be worth having a free version restricted by number of feeds rather than the trial to subscribe.
@faizsyedhussain Thanks, Faiz. This would be optimal but due to current pricing constraints (purely on my end), I am unable to offer this. Once I break even with server costs and revenue from the app, I will be able to offer this as well. This is entirely a temporary limitation from my end.