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Elon Mask

Life-sized masks of Elon Musk


Elon Mask is horrifying

Would you recommend this product?
Marketing Assistant, Acoutera

I wore the Badass Mask to my date last night and it was an incredible experience. Drinking coffee with it on was kind of awkward, but in general the girl was very impressed. I recommend this to anyone who wants to win at life.


Increases your intelligence and aesthetic


Not applicable

Co-Founder Acoutera

I wore the "Been Better Mask" to my first VC pitch and it went extremely well. The investors threw money at me and asked for forgiveness for some reason. My girlfriend has also started asking me to start wearing this during foreplay. Would recommend 10/10


Style: 10/10 Comfort: 10/10 Increased Confidence: 10/10


Cons should also wear this mask

Market Research Adviser, based in UA

much into memes, emo facial expressions myself recently - we steadily moving to more expressive non-verbal means of communicating, facial expressions make direct subconscious imprints - BIG potential there, quite an admirer, honestly - great idea and exec


memes rule, fun experiences and gamification are the big trend, Elon Mask is super popular, especially with younger audiences


sorry, see none